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Open Again from 9th September 2020. Welcome Back to Lemur Landings

08 September 2020


Dear Lemur Landings Customers,

At last, we are able to open our doors again.  It has been a long old wait and we are excited to be welcoming guests to Lemur Landings. It’s not without some trepidation, of course, there’s a lot we have needed to do to make it safe for everyone to come and play and we need you, our wonderful customers, to understand that a visit to Lemur Landings is a partnership, and we all have to keep doing what is required to maintain a Covid secure environment for all but at the same time make it a fun place for children to come and play.  There is more about what has changed on our Covid-19 Info page, please be sure to read it before coming to the play centre.

Inevitably there are some changes, we are having to work with very strict guidance from the Government, in order to be able to open at all.  There are things that we can’t do at the moment, like parties, though we are hoping that will change very soon.  Adults and children aged 11 and over must wear face-coverings except when they are eating or drinking or entering the play frame and you must follow any of the other regular guidance about mixing with other households indoors and social distancing. Importantly, tickets must be booked online in advance.

It’s more expensive to come to Lemur Landings, and we want you to know why.  The situation with COVID has brought a lot of difficulties, not least, for us as a business, we have had no income for almost six months, with continuing expenses for the building and the staff. Whilst we have been grateful to receive the help given by the UK Government, much of it, we haven’t been able to take advantage of due to the prolonged closure for soft play centres. Going forward we will have increased business costs, for things like new air handling, additional cleansing regimes, additional staff costs and much less revenue from having considerably less people in the building and no parties, a big part of our income.  We are not a large business, we do not have a massive corporate behind us; there’s just us and our hard working, dedicated team.  To have any chance of creating a sustainable business in the future it has been necessary for the price of tickets in Lemur Landings to go up, in common with many such similar attractions.  We appreciate that it isn’t a cheap visit but we very much hope that you and your family will still find it value for money and, of course, the benefits of play for your children are many; we know lots of families have missed their trips to Lemur Landings. Our prices would have gone up in April, so some of what you see now is that increase and some of it reflects what we feel will be necessary to have any chance at all to survive.  We very much hope that you can continue to support us by visiting, even if it isn’t quite as often as before, though we would love it, if you can. 

As much as we would like to, no one can guarantee a coronavirus free environment but our team are working very hard, doing everything reasonably possible to make Lemur Landings even cleaner than ever before and ‘covid secure’ so that you can visit us with confidence. 

We hope to see you very soon.

Alan and Jackie Richmond (Owners of Lemur Landings)