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Soft Play

Here at Lemur Landings we have one of the biggest multi level playframes in Dorset. There are tunnels to crawl through, biff bags to negotiate, bridges to cross and slides to.. well yes, slide. There's even a football court and a brand new spiral slide that make up our main play frame. 

In Leweyville Farm, our area dedicated to under 8's, there is also another play frame. Set over 2 levels, it is a smaller more manageable area for your little lemurs. Full of the same fun equipment, it is a great introduction to soft play. Conveniently located near the other facilities for younger guests. 


Education & Exercise in Disguise

In the current digital age, we all know too well how addictive technology, social media and gaming can be for our kids. It seems as difficult as ever to get our kids out of the digital world and playing in the real world.

Our main frame is one of the largest in the area, which is great for kids to leap and bound around. On top of this, our climbing area is fantastic for physical fun. The climbing apparatus is great for developing spatial awareness, reactions, coordination and agility as well as arm/shoulder and leg strength. 

Our role-play village is also a great area for developing interpersonal skills as they play with one another and boosts their cognitive thinking by interacting with others in different areas. Roleplay has also been said to encourage empathy. 

A study by York University confirmed that a couple of hours in a soft play centre meets and exceeds the recommended physical activity needed - regardless of age, gender, abilility or size. Various other research and studies have been done from the likes of Fitness First, BNF and the Play Providers Association all which prove soft play is great 'exercise in disguise' for kids.