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Easter Phaser Nights

19 February 2020

Radio alert... it's another Lunar Landings meteoric event... The Asteroid Trunkesar will pass closer to the earth than any of our satelites... We believe this is a desparate plan to mask an alien invasion... can you help Captain Lewey Hoops stop them? 

Join the crew aboard SS Clash Landings for an exciting evening of phaser tag! Whether you come alone or bring your friends it's sure to leave you feeling like a lunar lemur! 

The battle will commence once the teams have been formed, the safety brieding explained, and the laser guns switched on. Come aboard our giant space station themed play frame for 6 adrenaline pumping phaser game and DigiWall fun. Disco lighting and music create an atmosphere that's out of this world. 

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Easter Phaser Night | Wednesday 8th April 2020 | BOOK HERE

2nd Easter Phaer Night | Wednesday 15th April 2020 | BOOK HERE