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Dorset School of Acting Little Uns! Are at Lemur Landings on Friday

08 January 2013

Pre-schoolers Drama + Movement Sessions - Trial Period Fridays 11th Jan - 25th Jan 2013.

Play, create, sing and move in a fun drama session for little ones and Mum (or Gran, Dad or whoever the lucky person is!) Be a princess or a pirate, fly to the moon in a rocket ship and be home in time for lunch!! Use imagination to create a magical toy shop where the toys come alive and can sing and dance!! This 30 min session is designed to expand your children’s’ sense of fun and adventure whilst developing key skills in communication and confidence. Through games and imaginative play children will experience the fun of performance. Age 2+.

Dorset School of Acting (Youth Theatre) proprietor James Bowden will be running 2 sessions each Friday starting at 10.30 each session will last approximately half an hour. Participation is included in the standard admission price but places are limited and must be booked in advance. Any un-booked places still available may be offered on a first come first served basis on the day.