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Admission Price Increase in Lemur Landings

10 March 2017

Why we are asking you to pay more to come to Lemur Landings

The admission price in Lemur Landings has not changed since we took over the site in July 2012.  We are one of the largest soft play centres in Dorset on a premium leisure site; it costs a lot to run this centre, the overheads on this unit are much greater than an equivalent sized unit on an industrial park or high street play café.  Additionally, we need to pay and train our team; to maintain the equipment, heat and light the centre and keep a high standard of safety and cleanliness and to make the kind of investment that has been made recently to bring our customers a fantastic play environment. Profit from the last 5 years and more has gone back into the site in the last few months – more than £250,000.

We are a relatively small, local, family business; no big corporate funds, no Council or government subsidies, just hard work to fall back on.  To have a successful and sustainable business which allows us to continually reinvest in the centre we must generate enough income, to do this we must charge a realistic price for using the centre.  Out of your admission price we hand over 20% of it straight to the Government for VAT, after that, we must pay all the other things mentioned above and more.  You will know yourselves just how much things have gone up over the past few years and after almost 5 years of absorbing those additional costs, we needed to make a change to the prices to maintain, in the long-term, the quality of the site and be able to make regular re-investment into Lemur Landings. 

We recognise that it isn’t a cheap day out for our visiting families; we never take your visit for granted, but we would also like our customers to understand that providing facilities of this size and standard isn’t cheap either.  Our aim is to offer excellent value for money; a sector leading, safe, play environment and most of all a place where your children can take part in a healthy activity and have a completely awesome amount of fun. 

Don’t forget you can save money on the cost of a visit by joining our ‘Lewey’s Troop’ annual membership it is £10 per child which gets you £2 off child admissions every time you come in and 2 free adults, as well as other great deals on events, and birthday parties. 

Our team has worked so hard to bring the new Lemur Landings to life, we can’t thank them enough. We hope you enjoy it, it really is bigger and better than ever.

Alan and Jackie Richmond – Owners of Lemur Landings