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COVID-19 Info

Find out more about how we're making your visit as safe and enjoyable as reasonably possible. 

Prior to the 2nd lockdown we had been operating in a covid secure way for some weeks and we will continue to do so. However, it isn't easy and requires you our visitors to help us.  In particular, at this time I would draw your attention to the fact we should not be mixing indoors with other households, therefore, please do not expect to sit with your friends at your table, we need to ensure that only one household or support bubble sit together - please be understanding if our staff ask you about who is sitting with you and, if necessary, to move to another one.  These are rules put in place to protect EVERYONE!  Please be patient and kind to our staff; they are doing their best in a very difficult situation.
  If you have any queries or feel that something isn't quite right please ask to speak to the manager on duty.  We can only make this work with your help and understanding.  Please familiarise yourself with what's happening in Lemur Landings at the moment and spend a few minutes explaining to your children about what is different about coming to play.

Visiting During COVID-19 ~ Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to book?

Yes, all admissions must be pre purchased online, we will not be able to allow you into the play centre without a valid pre purchased ticket. This is necessary to keep track of the number of people in the centre and to be able to ensure that we have the right number of tickets to sell to anyone wishing to visit us and to cut down time at the till.  It will also provide information for the NHS Track and Trace requirements, should that become necessary.

Can I visit Lemur Landings with people in my Christmas bubble? 

NO SORR! Christmas bubbles are only valid in private dwellings, places of worship and outdoor public settings. For more information please visit the Government website here

Can I transfer my booking?

Tickets purchased on this site are non refundable as they are taken from an allocation that has a maximum and their purchase will prevent them from being bought and used by other visiting customers, just like a theatre production or the cinema. At the management's discretion, with a minimum of 24 hours notice, emailed requests to alter the date and time of the visit will be considered.  If you do not turn up to the session that you have booked, your tickets will be considered used, no refund will be given. IF YOU HAVE BOOKED WITH US AND ARE NOW IN A TIER 3 AREA - TRAVEL FROM THESE AREAS IS NOT ADVISED - PLEASE CONTACT US REGARDING MOVING YOUR BOOKING. 


What time can I arrive to my booked session?

The tickets you buy have a fixed start and finish time. You will not be able to enter earlier than the stated time, due to the additional cleaning involved between sessions and prior to opening. You can arrive any time from the given start time in your pre booked session, but to get best value we would recommend arriving in the first 30 minutes. There are no refunds for unused time. 

How many play sessions are you running a day?

On term time weekdays we will be running two sessions a day and three sessions at the weekend. See our prices page for the breakdown of times.

Why have you increased your price?

After a long period of closure due to the UK lockdown, operating with signicifantly lower capacities, increased business costs (cleaning, staff and other safety measures) and no income for the past almost six months means we must raise our admission prices to have any chance of operating this play centre as a viable concern.

Can I book a birthday party, group visit or private hire?

At the moment these are all suspended.  We aim to get these back up and running as soon as possible. We await further update from the Government/Public Health England, at the moment, parties are specifically banned in indoor soft play centres. We are hoping this will be changed in the New Year.

Can I sit anywhere in the play centre?

You may be directed to a table which will have been chosen with your party size in mind.  It is important that you do not move to another table or move furniture around the play centre at this time.  We have worked very hard to get the spacing correct and to ensure that we can accommodate everyone that has booked.  At less busy times you will likely be able to sit wherever you wish.  Please sit and remain in your household / support bubble (School Bubbles do not count).

Food & Drink

Is the café open as normal?

Yes, our café is open and we would prefer a contacless payment method to be used whenever possible. We also have a brand new app, meaning you can order food and drink from your table. Please see our 'eat' page for more information. 

Are you still serving a full menu?

A few things have been removed from our menu, but yes we are still offering 95% of our menu.


Visiting Lemur Landings

Do I need to wear a face-covering?

Yes, to comply with the Government's requirements regarding the use of face coverings in internal play settings all adults and children aged 11 and over are required to wear a face covering in Lemur Landings, with the exception of when eating and drinking and when entering the play frame. Please do not be upset if we ask you to wear a face-covering, we are just trying to keep everyone safe.  If you have a legitimate reason for not wearing, if asked by a member of staff, please explain that you are exempted from wearing, our staff are just doing the job they've been asked to do. To avoid the possibility of being asked multiple times in one session, we are proposing to give you a Lemur Landings sticker for you to wear whilst you are with us.

What is your capacity?

We are following guidelines from the Government and industry body, BALPPA, and have reduced our session capacity significantly, currently 160 visitors.

What has changed at Lemur Landings?

Our ball pit has closed for good, however, in it's place we have an amazing new spiral slide. We have also updated features in our main play frame along with purchasing new, bigger toys for our role play village, that are much more easily sanitised. Entrance and exits to the playframe are slightly different.

Are hand sanitisers available?

Yes, there are hand sanitisers available and we would ask you to ensure that your children sanitise their hands frequently, specifically on entering the play centre, and at each entry to the play frame or other equipment.  We would also like to remind our visitors that handwashing for a minimum of 20 seconds with soapy water is still the best advice and we would appreciate you doing this, if at all possible, at least at the start of your visit.

Is social distancing required?

Yes, you should remain only in your household groups in the play centre and encourage your children to leave at least one of the large pads in the play frame apart from other children.  In the role play street, no more than one family should use each of the shops at one time, and if you are required to queue for the climbing zone equipment, please ask them to take a giant step away from the next person in the queue. If there are no more queueing spaces, then you should come back later to see if there's room.   We know this is going to be hard for children to understand, if you feel that they cannot do this successfully on their own, then you should accompany them around the play centre to help them do so. Responsibility for this rests with you, though we may ask children to wait for a turn or make a bigger gap between them and other families. Please do not be upset, if you or them are asked by a member of staff to spread out a little more. All adults are required to social distance by 2m or 1m plus mitigation, unless it is with another member of their household or support bubble.  


Are you still running your membership scheme?

Yes, we are still running our membership scheme. A few things have changed, and you can familiarise with these changes here.  Existing memberships will now qualify for the new membership benefits, all benefits may change without notice.  

I have a Lemur Landings membership, what do I do?

Everyone who had a membership which expired between the 20 March 2020 - 9th September 2020 will have their memberships automatically extended for seven months from the original expiry date. We were closed for approximately 5 months and 3 weeks. So you will have a little longer to use your membership.  You will be able to use your existing card.

Anyone who has a current live membership will also receive a 7 month extension to their original expiry date. 

All new memberships from the 9th September will be given the usual 12 month expiry date.

NB: There are some changes to the benefits now available under the membership scheme, importantly, all memberships only now have one free adult per member, subsequent adults are charged at £2.50 (discounted from £3.50 standard price, non member).


Cleaning at Lemur Landings

What additional cleaning measures are you taking at Lemur Landings?

We have made considerable changes to cleaning regimes here at Lemur Landings - we are running sessions with closed periods in between to allow for thorough cleaning of the play frame, role play village, and other frequent touch points in the centre.  The products being used are effective against SARS-COV2, 'coronavirus'.  We are also going to be regularly using a commercial 'fogger' which sprays very fine particles to sanitise the play centre.  This is on top of the usual cleaning routines. 




As per the latest Govt regulations we will be closed from close of play today (30th Dec) All tickets booked will be automatically be put on hold to be used at a later date, if you specifically want a refund then please email
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